It’s all too easy to get swept up (and far, far away) by the ever-changing ideas in your head, market trends, CRM, platforms, processes, website technology, and even advice from your mother-in-law!

Our tech strategy workshop is your way of getting your feet (and business for that matter) on solid technological ground, alongside a team with over a decade of hands-on experience under our belt. 

Phase 1 - Your Needs

1.5-hour deep dive workshop covering your entire customer journey and processes. Insightful brainstorming.


Phase 2 - Research

We present the options that fit your needs and processes. No headaches, just easy-to-digest solutions.

Phase 3 - Review + Plan

1 hr session to review our findings and help guide you along in your journey into the digital space.


Book a zero-pressure call or video chat and let’s see if we’re a good fit.