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Custom booking website project by

Maple & Rose

Client Overview: Maple & Rose is a luxurious accommodation located in Merrickville, Ontario. This restored c. 1860 property boasts seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, catering to special occasions and corporate bookings.

Project Objective: The goal was to design and develop a website that highlights the elegance and historical charm of Maple & Rose, while providing a seamless booking experience for standard and corporate.

Solution Implemented: A sophisticated website was developed using WordPress, featuring:

  • Custom Booking Integration: A tailored booking system was integrated into the site to handle different types of reservations, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.
  • SEO Optimization: Strategic SEO efforts to boost online visibility.

Outcome: The completed website effectively combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, making it easy for potential guests to explore accommodations, check availability, and book their stay or event. The SEO enhancements have increased the site’s search engine rankings, leading to greater visibility and more bookings.

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SOCL project feature Town of Renfrew

Town of Renfrew

Client Overview: The Town of Renfrew required a new website to promote its Economic Development (EcDev) and Tourism sectors. The aim was to attract both tourists and potential new residents by highlighting the town’s cultural richness and economic opportunities.

Project Objective: The site needed to cater separately to tourists and economic development stakeholders with tailored content and separate user journies.

Solution Implemented: A dynamic, user-centric WordPress website with:

  • Dual Landing Pages: Separate landing pages for Tourism and Economic Development were created to provide relevant information tailored to the distinct needs of each audience, ensuring a customized user journey.
  • Toggle Functionality: A unique toggle feature was integrated to switch between cold and hot weather activities, making it easy for users to find season-specific information and activities.
  • Interactive Stat Dashboard: An interactive dashboard displaying key statistics and data about the town was incorporated to engage users and provide valuable insights at a glance.

Outcome: The newly launched website successfully addresses the diverse needs of its visitors by effectively segmenting content for tourists and economic stakeholders.

Take a Peek website displayed on a tablet, featuring 5 handmade puppets.

Rock The Arts

Client Overview: Rock The Arts founder Sarah Argue is a talented Canadian performer and puppeteer, notably handcrafting unique puppets by hand.

Project Objective: The primary goal was to create a dynamic and engaging online presence that mirrors the client’s artistic identity. The website needed to capture the funky and fun essence of the client’s brand, making it attractive to her demographic.

Solution Implemented: A vibrant and interactive website was developed on the WordPress platform, tailored to showcase the client’s puppetry art. Key features of the website include:

  • Custom Hero Video: This video provides an immediate, engaging introduction to the client’s popular puppets.
  • Dynamic User Interface: To reflect the lively and energetic nature of the client’s performances, the website incorporates abundant motion graphics and animations including a custom interactive map of Creatureville.

Outcome: The site has seen a significant increase in visitor engagement and has effectively boosted the client’s online visibility and brand recognition.

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Karen Dover Modern Art

Client Overview: Karen Dover Modern Art represents the unique work of Dr. Karen Dover, a modern artist renowned for her dynamic and expressive pieces. 

Project Objective: The main goal was to design a customized website allowing for an immersive art-viewing experience while emphasizing Dr. Dover’s artistic vision.

Solution Implemented: A custom ArtLogic website was developed with several standout features:

  • “View on a Wall” Functionality: This innovative feature allows users to see any artwork displayed on a virtual wall to assess its size and scale in a realistic home setting, enhancing the online art buying experience.
  • Artist Engagement: The site includes dedicated sections that delve into Karen Dover’s artistic journey, her inspiration, and her unique methodology, offering a personal connection between the artist and the audience.
  • Sleek, User-Friendly Design: The website’s design prioritizes simplicity and elegance, ensuring that the focus remains on the art. 

Outcome: The website successfully marries functionality with aesthetic appeal, providing an engaging and informative platform for art enthusiasts and potential buyers. 

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Tablet with yellow hero section of website visible reading Purpose + Profit.

Positivist Group

Client Overview: The Positivist Group is an organization dedicated to demonstrating that businesses can scale sustainably and profitably while adhering to strong values and purpose.

Project Objective: The objective was to develop a custom WordPress website that embodies the group’s ethos of positivity and purpose. The design needed to be bold and visually striking, yet fully accessible to ensure inclusivity for all users.

Solution Implemented: A vibrant custom website using WordPress, with several notable features:

  • Bold and Bright Design: The website utilizes a palette of bright colours and dynamic design elements that reflect the organization’s optimistic and energetic approach while adhering to WCAG accessibility standards.
  • Event Feed: An interactive event feed was integrated into the site.

Outcome: The new website has been instrumental in enhancing The Positivist Group’s online presence. The bold and accessible design has been well-received, aligning perfectly with the group’s mission and values.

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KOTi 28 eCommerce website by

KOTi 28

Client Overview: KOTi 28 is a boutique located in Arnprior, Ontario, inspired by Nordic design and aesthetics. Known for its minimalist and modern offerings, the boutique appeals to customers seeking unique, stylish, and functional items.

Project Objective: The primary goal was to develop an eCommerce website that reflects KOTi 28’s Nordic-inspired ethos and minimalist style, facilitating an engaging and seamless shopping experience. 

Solution Implemented: A Shopify eCommerce platform website with the following features:

  • Modern Minimalist Design: The website design adopts a clean and minimalist aesthetic, mirroring the Nordic inspiration of the boutique. This design approach not only enhances the visual appeal but also improves user navigation and experience.
  • Custom Filtering by Category: To ease the shopping experience, a custom filtering system was integrated.
  • Stylized Product Images: High-quality, stylized product images ensure that the products are presented in a way that resonates with the boutique’s upscale and minimalist theme.

Outcome: The launch of the KOTi 28 eCommerce website has successfully extended the boutique’s reach beyond its physical location in Arnprior, attracting a broader audience.

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KOTi 28 eCommerce website by

Sweet Queen

Client Overview: Sweet Queen is a bakery specializing in custom cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, known for exceptional artistry. 

Project Objective: The project aimed to create a visually appealing and functional eCommerce website for Patricia, emphasizing the beauty of the bakery’s products while providing an easy-to-use online ordering system.

Solution Implemented: A custom Shopify website was developed, featuring several enhancements to support the client’s needs:

  • Custom Logo and Branding: A new logo featuring a “cake crown” was designed to symbolize the regal quality of Sweet Queen’s products, paired with a colour palette that enhances the visual impact of the product photography.
  • Custom Online Ordering System: An integrated ordering system includes a calendar for customers to select pickup dates, complete with automated notifications and backend processes to streamline order management.
  • Training and Automation: The client received comprehensive training on managing the Shopify platform, and automation features were set up to handle order pickups.

Outcome: The new website has successfully transformed Sweet Queen’s online presence, making it easier for customers to view, admire, and order custom bakery items. 

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KOTi 28 eCommerce website by

OV Boss Babes

Client Overview: OV Boss Babes is a vibrant community network by Holly Molenaar aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs and professionals in the Ottawa Valley. They focus on empowerment through networking events, podcasts, and showcasing local businesses, with a mission to foster growth and collaboration among women in various industries.

Project Objective: The project aimed to develop a Shopify eCommerce site for OV Boss Babes that would not only sell merchandise and event tickets but also effectively represent the spirit of the community.

Solution Implemented: A custom Shopify website:

  • Custom Product Templates: To cater to the diverse range of products, custom product templates were designed, allowing for unique presentations of merchandise, event tickets, and other offerings.
  • Event Ticket Sales: Integration of an event management system enabled the smooth transaction of ticket sales for various networking events and workshops, providing users with an easy purchase process.

Outcome: The site has significantly enhanced OV Boss Babes’ digital presence, making it easier for members and supporters to engage with the community and participate in events.

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