Marketing Made Human

Who is your ideal audience? What is their day like? Where do they hang out, off and online? What message resonates with them? What’s relatable? What gets their attention? Where do they struggle? What stages and types of content do you need to reach them? How can you gain their trust? How can you get them to engage?  

Marketing Strategy

Phase 1 - Strategy Session

2.5-hour deep dive workshop covering your entire customer journey, digital presence and background processes. We’ll tackle pain-points, how and why your customers buy and how we can speak their language, amongst other vital elements that will play into your marketing plan.

Phase 2 - Summary + Review

We take all the details covered in Phase I and put together your custom Strategy Summary including a 12-month marketing plan that aligns with your audience, goals and marketing budget. Together, during a 1 hr review, we’ll go over this summary and revise the plan as needed. You leave this review session with a solid plan that you can implement to see growth over the next 12 months and beyond!

Phase 3 - Follow-Up

1 hr virtual follow-up session 2 months in to evaluate your implementation and answer and questions that may have come up along the way.

Your online audience is busy and impatient.
Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be.

You need a plan. We’re talking a strategy that is specific to you, your business and its goals.

Not a singular “magic” formula that works for “everyone”
(insert eye roll emoji here).

Because your business is too unique to try to fit into some generic formula. And let’s be honest…everyone can see those boring ads coming from a mile away. 

Let’s find the right path for you to take to stop scrolls, connect authentically, and increase conversions.


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